EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

The EPF claim status shows payment under process: When the EPF amount is credited to my bank account. PF Claim Status check Using UAN, PF Number & Umang App

EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

The EPF beneficiaries who have requested for EPF claim from the EPFO portal. Find themselves in a dilemma of whether the amount is credited or not. The system sends a standard message to the majority of the members. The EPF claim status page shows the message “payment under process.” The statement can show for forms 31, 10, and 10C. This shouldn’t be alarming unless the money delays. The notice means the application is under verification by the EPFO.

Once the verification process is done, the system will send a message to your registered phone. It will show information about the settled claim and payment, which will be sent via NEFT. The amount will take 1 or2 days to reflect on your bank account. The message appears to all EPF members who applied for PF, PF advance, PF transfer (19,10C, 31, and transfer form 13). EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process
EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

Types of messages on EPF Claim Status

The EPF website has three types of messages, which reflect on the member’s page.

  • PF claim status under process
  • The claim is settled, and payment is sent via NEFT.
  • Claim is rejected

The third option only happens if there is an issue with your EPF application of documents. The EPFO always approves member’s requests. Suppose they fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the EPFO. Once the payment is complete, the user will receive the following message.

The PF Claim Status Under Process Form 19 and 10C

Form 19 is used by members to claim PF contributions. These contributions are deducted from employee salary every month. The employer also provides a particular share to the PF saving (12%+3.67%). For form 10C, EPF members use the form to claim pension amount (8.33%). Once the EPF member claims their PF using the two forms, they can expect the message “claim status under process” if all the details are correct. They will receive the amount in their bank account after a few days.

PF Claim Status Under Process For Form 31

The EPFO allows PF members to claim some of the balance in their accounts. The withdrawn claim must be according to the EPFO law. A member can claim to construct, educate, a marriage of children, and health issues. Form 31 is a PF advance claim form in which a member can request some of the PF savings. The process is settled within 20 days for other reasons, such as the Covid-19 outbreak. The process will take 1-2 weeks. The EPFO will verify the details and send the amount to the bank account.

The PF Transfer Claim Status Under Process

 The PF transfer works differently and requires the influence of a former or current employer. The application or transfer request will first reach the previous or current employer. You have the choice of which employer will attest to the transfer application. After approving the request, the form is sent to the regional PF office. The system will show claim status as pending at the employer attestation and the office.

EPF Claim Status 2022

Process of checking PF Claim status

There are four different ways to check the PF claim status:

  • At the PF claim status web portal.
  • The UAN member portal
  • Using UMANG mobile app
  • Through offline process by sending a message to EPFO.

PF Claim Status at EPF India web portal

The PF web portal is the easiest way to receive the claim status. User requires their UAN and UAN password to proceed.

  1. Visit the PF claim status website portal (EPF India).
  2. https://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/
  3. On the login page, enter your UAN number and password.
  4. Proceed and enter the captcha code on the space provided.
  5. On the menu, select the PF member ID which you used to submit the PF claim.
  6. Next, click the “view claim status” button.
  7. The system will display the PF claim status on the screen.

UAN Member Portal

  1. Open the UAN member portal and log in using your credentials.
  2. Proceed to the online service tab.
  3. Click the option “track claim status” on the menu.
  4. The portal will show the claim status immediately.


EPFO has an easy mobile app that is available to all users. Members can check their claims using the steps below.

  1. Download the UMANG app on your mobile device.
  2. After installation, log in using your username and password.
  3. On the menu, select the option EPFO option under the service section.
  4. Next, click on track claim status.
  5. Get your PF claim details.

Offline method using the SMS method

PF members can use the SMS method to get the claim status. This a convenient way for users without an internet connection or smart devices. They can either send an SMS or make a missed call.

EPFOHO UAN LANG send to 7738299899.

The UAN means enter your UAN number, while LAN means language code. The user can use different languages. There are different types such as ENG, HIN, TAM, TEL, MAL KAN GUJ, and more. You can also make a missed call to 011-22901406. The user should make a missed call to the number given. It will automatically disconnect after a few rings. The system will then send an SMS containing your SMS.

Canceling PF Claim Request

The EPFO has no online cancellation option after its raised. The member has to wait for the settlement or rejection of the claim. However, one can try by sending a grievance at the PF grievance portal. You can also visit the regional office to request the cancellation process.

For any queries, members can contact the EPFO through toll-free number 1800118005 or send emails to support-gms@epfindia.gov.in.


  1. Why is my EPF claim status showing not available?

    The EPF claim status page shows nothing in the first two to three days from the application/submission date. It will later reveal the details “under process.” Sometimes the system might not show at all. This doesn’t mean the request didn’t go through. The portal will update and show the claim status after a few days.

  2. Why is the PF claim rejected?

    Only in few cases does the EPFO reject PF claims from its members. There are genuine reasons which might lead to rejection. If the information entered is wrong. Member not uploading a canceled cheque or bank passbook. Not submitting form 15G. If there is no digital signature

  3. What is PF claim settled?

    This means the PF claim was approved and money sent to your bank account through NEFT. The amount reflects after 2-3 days.

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