EPF Passbook Member Login: UAN Activation & PF Passbook Download

EPF Member Passbook Login: How to download EPF member passbook online 2024 at https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login and UAN Activation Process.

EPF Passbook

Employee provident fund (EPF) passbook is an official and legal document entitled to all employees registered under the EPF social scheme. The passbook contains all essential details about the monthly contributions by the employer and employee towards the retirement scheme. Here employees can access more information about the terms and also the percentage they give to the accounts.

EPF passbook holds a lot of information as they can also learn the interest accumulation per month, thus providing a rough total of what to receive during retirement. Members with different EPF accounts due to change of work will receive different passbooks under one specified UAN id number. The employee has their EPF accounts to check for more details about the EPF.

EPF Member Passbook

What is EPF? This an exclusive and significant social saving scheme in India. The scheme comprises of 20 or more workers of an organization to register under the EPF. The scheme works under the EPFO, a body which manages and pools together all the resources contributed per month. They account for every member’s amount and give the right amount during the retirement age.

The scheme has benefits such as medical insurance, covers for your home insurance, and also incorporates immediate family members. The applicant/employee provides details of the next of kin, who will receive the benefits on behalf of the employee in case of death or illness.

EPF Passbook Download

How to download EPF member passbook online?

The download process is easy as the EPFO has an official website for employees to check their EPF information. Employees don’t have to visit the HR o EPF offices for EPF passbook. The portal is available round the clock for employees to log in through correct login details.

  1. Go to the official EPFO member passbook page
  2. On the homepage, enter your UAN, password (generated at the EPF member portal), and captcha code, then click on the login button.
  3. All the member IDs linked to the UAN number will display on the page. Look for the member id under the tab select member id to view passbook.
  4. A new page will open and display the EPF passbook in pdf format. Download the document and also make a print for the same.

The page is limited to eligible EPF members and employers, exempted establishments such as if the employer manages the EPF on their own.

UAN Activation

UAN activation process for easier EPF account login

For easy passbook access, the EPF member needs to activate their UAN number. The number is unique for every member; the multiple EPF accounts are linked to this particular UAN number.

  1. Navigate to the official UAN website portal. https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  2. On the homepage select, the button indicating activate UAN.
  3. The system will display a new page, enter required details like UAN number, PAN number, Aadhaar number, etc.
  4. Ensure to fill all mandatory information; click on the get authorization pin. A new page will open requesting you to verify the information entered; an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number through SMS method.
  5. Now enter the OTP on the space provided, then click on the validate OTP and activate the UAN. 
  6. If successfully activated, the portal will send an SMS with your password, use the new password to login to the official EPF account. Note you can change the password to an easy memorable after logging in to the page.

PF Passbook Details

The EPF passbook contains personal and significant details as follows:

  • The establishment ID and the name of the company/employer.
  • The member’s full names and member ID (employee)
  • The type and EPFO office/region.
  • Employer’s and employee’s monthly contributions.
  • Official deposits and withdraws by employee and employer.
  • How much money goes to the pension account?
  • Date and time for passbook printing are given on the page.

PF Passbook Update

The purpose of checking your EPF passbook is to ensure it fully updated to avoid inconveniences during retirement. The employee has a right to claim or raise concern if the passbook is not updated. Each contribution is updated automatically by the system since EPFO has an official portal. The month and year are indicated to help employees trace their contributions easily. However, the page might take a few days from the date of deposit; employees should give time then check for updates. In case none are appearing, contact the EPF support or use the portal on the queries section.

Pension Contribution

The EPF contribution is divided into sections where one deals with the pension contribution. Employees are entitled to pension funds after retirement. The amount is given in a certain percent for the larger EPF contribution; the employer provides 8.3%of the employee’s basic salary and the dearness allowances. These go to the EPS account each month, taking an example of a Rs.15,000/- they are to offer 1250 to EPS account every month.

EPF Passbook Generate Process

The EPF passbook can be generated online through the EPFO website portal. It’s generated within 6 hours of registration at the EPFO portal. The same way any updates may take 6 hours or a few days to reflect on the page. The EPF passbook eases the process of visiting the employer’s office to check for updates or learn about your contributions. Download for the portal for future reference. Exempted establishments members, settled members, and inactive members cannot access the EPF website portal. Note if one changes their jobs, they will still get the old detail of the EPF account by linking the UAN number.

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