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  1. My scheme certificate is of 2000. I resigned in the year 1999 from my job. Now I want to apply for Pension and I have no UAN. I contacted my ex-employer over telephone and through e-mail. They are not responding. What can I do ?

  2. ABDULLAH Malik R/ocholichan kargil
    S/o Mohd Hussain malik
    UAN 101535984675
    JKJMU20336740000010374 THIS is my member id and my aadhar number 780171566495 any information to collect me this is my number 9596178362

  3. My name is Vipin Kumar . May know the UAN Number but do not any type document and information EPF related but just I want to UAN number but how?

  4. My pf jkjmu 4594/175417
    My pf jkjmu 4594/423152
    My pf jkjmu 4594/9761859
    Ples helif me my uAn numbers ples
    My phon 9596178362
    Dat off joining 15/3/2005 dAt off liveng 1/2/20019


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