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How to File EPF complaint online at EPFO grievance portal? | EPF complaint through PF grievance status check

EPF Grievance

EPF Grievance Portal Complaint Status 2024 Tracking: Members registered under the EPF scheme can freely register their grievances.  A relief for many Indian workers who need to stage their issues over the EPF scheme. Finding it difficult to visit the offices. An introduction to the EPF I-Grievance management system by the EPFO will solve all the grievances raised by members. The system accommodates all services provided by the EPF to employees. The advance system has a way of setting reminders for grievances that are yet to be solve. EPF members are obligate to check their complaint status from the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation same website.

What is EPF?

New employees might have little knowledge about the EPF scheme. However, EPF is a retirement benefits scheme for all employees. A fraction of your salary is deduct and saved every month. Both the employee and employer give a certain percentage to the scheme. Members receive the funds on retirement and other great benefits. The scheme accommodates any company or organization that has 20 or more employees. They also register other employees too as it’s a saving scheme to help in the future. The money is pooled together and distributed when a member retires, this covers health insurance for both member and family. The scheme is quite detail and has a great advantage for employees.

Nonetheless, issues might come up and members need help solving. They can use the online platform to send queries. Here the EPF officials will check and send and solve the problem online. Today we check on the official online process of filing a grievance.

EPFO Grievance Portal

Register EPF Complaint or Grievance Online

Register PF Complaint at the EPF Grievance Management System

PF Grievance system has several matters that can be register on the platforms as follows:

  • About the withdrawal of EPF and how to receive the EPF funds after retirement.
  • All transfers of the PF accumulation to a new EPF account.
  • The final settlement of the pension fund.
  • Issues on payment of insurance benefit.
  • The scheme certificate.
  • PF slip and EPF balance
  • A cheque returned or misplaced by a member.
  • All services in the EPF website portal.

File EPF Complaint at PF Grievance Online

I-grievance management system is accessible to all EPF members. They need to login to file any complaint as follows:

  1. Open the official EPF grievance management system page
  2. On the web, the homepage selects the tab “register grievance” to make a complaint.
  1. Not all fields should be filled.
  2. Proceed reading the form provided, here the form has three sections that require filling.
  • EPF details
  • Personal details
  • Grievance details
  1. Fill the form by following the steps given. First select the status whether you belong to the EPF member, EPS pensioner employer or other. Pick one and fill the form accordingly.
  1. Enter details such as UAN and the security code then select the “get details tab”
  1. Continue and enter your name, email address and registered mobile number on the next part of the form.
  2. Recheck the details if correct click on the tab “get OTP.” The system will send the OTP to the registered mobile number.
  3. Now in the next section enter all your personal details and choose your PF account number.
  4. Proceed to the grievance details, choose the section the grievance should fall under. Now enter the complaint in 5000 characters.
  5. The system will request for documents to show as proof of the complaint.
  6. Upload the documents in PDF format with a size of 1MB. You can either attach or browse the documents.
  7. Enter the security code and then click on the submit button.
  8. After submitting a unique registration number is sent to your email ID. The number can be used to check the status of your complaint.
  9. The EPFO officials will receive the complaint and forward it to the right department in the EPF scheme.  They will check and solve the problem using the registered details.
  10. The registration id should be kept safe, for future use. One can check the status of the grievance.

EPF Grievance Status

Members can, later on, check the EPF grievance portal complaint status tracking status of their grievances. The grievance management system provides a status option for applicants.

PF Grievance Complaint Status Check Online

  1. Navigate to the official website page
  2. On the menu click on the “check status”
  1. Now key in the registration number which was sent during the compliant session. Enter the ID and password to proceed.
  1. Enter the captcha code then select the enter button.
  2. Note members who created a password when filling the grievance.  I can use it during the status check. In case you forget use the registration id to retrieve it.

Sending a Reminder for your EPF Grievances

The EPF complaint can take longer than accepted. The applicant can send a reminder to the department using the I-grievance management system.

  1. Visit EPF I-Grievance management system
  2.  On the homepage select the option “send reminder” from the menu given.
  3. Key in the registration number and the password. The password is optional but the ID should be kept safe.
  4. Enter the captcha code on the screen, then press the enter button.
  5. The grievance will be sent to the EPFO. Here they will forward to the right departments and solved fast.

Benefits of the EPF Grievance Portal

The system comes in handy for many EPF members and also employers. The complaints are easily addressed unlike before. Here we have several benefits.

  • Easy to use the portal for all EPF members and covers all types of people in the employment sector.
  • The EPFO officials can trace any problem easily and solve it fast.
  • Saves time as members don’t have to visit the EPF offices.
  • The complaint can be addressed and also help the EPFO solve similar cases for all members before they arise. They learn which complaint is issue by many employees or employers and works on it.
  • The portal has several departments that can solve problems with the right experts in place.

The EPF grievance management system has helped many employees solve their PF issues. It also gives confidence to employees as they can see it as a genuine scheme. They can keep their funds and sure to receive them in retirement. For more information check the official website page

  1. epf grievance whatsapp number

    Toll Free Number 1800118005 (Whatsapp number Not available)

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