How to EPF Withdraw PF Amount Online with UAN at

EPF Withdrawal Online: EPF amount Withdraw (EPF Balance) through Offline & Online through How to withdraw from EPF Account, PF money due to coronavirus (Covid- 19)

EPF Withdrawal

Employment provident scheme well known as “EPF” is a retirement benefit scheme that is benefited to all the employees in India. The fund is maintained and overseen by the employment provident fund organization (EPFO). We can check & Withdraw PF Amount Offline & online website

Whenever you get the job and start getting salary every month 12% of your salary will be deducted from your account as PF amount. And this PF amount will get back after your retirement with an interest of 8.75% per annum.

If you are changing jobs, it is important to update the EPF information with your new company. Then you can pay your PF amount with the new company.

One can withdraw the PF at any time according their need but it is profitable when we withdraw them after or retirement.

EPF Withdrawal Online

Before starting the withdrawing process make sure that all your previous PF accounts are merged into one. The total service in the present establishment as well as previous organizations will be taken into account and therefore, and it is advisable to merge your account.

EPF Withdraw online

Then how to withdraw the PF amount in both offline and Online?

In this we provide the information how to withdraw the PF amount through offline and online. The below are the steps to follow to withdraw the PF amount.

How to Withdraw PF Amount Online With UAN?

The below are the steps to follow to withdraw PF amount through online with UAN.

  1. Open the epfo official website by using the following link
  2. And then log into the member interface using your UAN and password.
  3. In that choose for the “Manage” tab and select KYC to check that details like Aadhar, PAN and bank account details are available and are correct.
  4. And then go to the “Online Service” and select “Claim” from drop down menu.
  5. In that claim screen choose for the “proceed for Online Claim” tab.
  6. And then choose for the kind of claim that you want to submit and select on it.
  7. After selecting the relevant claim, a detailed form will be displayed.
  8. Fill the form with all the required details and authenticate that form with the Aadhar OTP to complete the Online Claim submission.

By this you can complete the process of withdrawing the PF amount through Online.

How to Withdraw PF Money Offline?

The below are the steps to follow to withdraw your PF amount.

  • To withdraw the PF amount one should fill the form 19 application. It avails in the regional office or download it from EPF website.
  • Then fill the required fields with the relevant data in the application.
  • And attest the signature of any gazette officer, post master, notary public/ magistrate officer.
  • Along with the application one has to attest the letter for reason to withdraw the PF amount.
  • Then submit the withdraw application to the regional officer in the office.
  • Once you submit the application you will get the amount within three months from submission of application.
  • You will get the whole amount which was deducted from your account monthly with a high interest of about 8.75% per annum.

You will get the PF amount without the reduction of tax amount if you can withdraw the amount after 5 years.
If you will withdraw the PF amount within 5 years tax will impended to your PF amount.

But before going with the online withdraw process one have to update their KYC with the following requirements.

  • Member should have the activated UAN number and registered mobile number.
  • Make sure that your bank account with IFSC code of your branch, Aadhar card & PAN card are should be updated in EPFO database or not.

If not updated then visit the EPFO e-sewa portal to update the details. By this one can with draw their EPF amount through online and offline.

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